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Le Wand vs. Doxy Which One Should I Buy?

If you want to find the best wand vibrator for clitoral stimulation and satisfying G-spot orgasms, it's hard to beat the potent wand vibrators.

The older Original model Magic Wand doesn't include a rechargeable battery, only two vibration settings (low and high), and usually costs less.

However, wands are typically solidly built and offer the ultra-powerful vibrations that make them so popular.

All in all, whether this specific wand vibe will work for you or not depends on your personal masturbation preferences.

If you're looking for a classic, high-quality wand vibrator, I can't recommend the Doxy or the Le Wand enough!

They are made of durable and easy-to-clean materials, both offer different vibration settings (the Doxy offers more, which is always lovely), and both come with a travel case making them ideal for long-distance travel.

In fact, I recently took my Le Wand on a plane ride to visit my boyfriend in Vermont, and it was so much easier than packing up a more discreet vibe that it's now on my must-have list for travelling.

As far as the Le Wand vs Doxy debate goes, it really comes down to your preferences: do you prefer variable intensity or a broader range of vibrations?

If you'd like a discrete, battery-operated vibe that won't wake up the neighbours (or your housemates!), check out the CalExotics Silicone Magic Finger Vibe.

It does a fantastic job at simulating your fingers or other things like dildos if you're having trouble orgasming and need help!

In conclusion, they are excellent vibrators for external and internal stimulation, with power that will please even the pickiest of uses. It's also built to last, though it can be a little on the loud side.

If you're looking for powerful vibrations to stimulate your clitoris or G-spot, save yourself the hassle of buying multiple toys and invest in either one.

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Spice Up Your Bedroom Moments With A Remote Vibrator

We can call agree that partnered sexual intercourse is not always necessary to make you feel satisfied. With modern tech like a remote vibrator, you can easily set up your game and attain a hands-free orgasm using an app or just pressing a button. And while using this toy, you can leave your hands free to play with other body parts. With time, remote vibrators are getting popular among couples or single women. Are you planning to get one? Well, before that, go through this article to explore more about this small sex toy capable of producing an intensive orgasm.

Experience A Hands-Free Orgasm With A Remote Vibrator

If you are looking for a new way to get connected with your partner sexually, then it's time to give a remote vibrator a try. These sex toys are perfect for two primary reasons. First, your partner can control the toy from afar, which, in turn, helps maintain closeness between you and your partner in a long-distance relationship.

Second, if you want to use a sex toy on yourself during video calls with your partner, you want a super easy to manipulate. This is whether you can use a remote vibrator. Get it now and let your partner click that on-button to send those sensational vibrations to your pleasure points.

How to Choose the Right Remote Vibrator?

Remote vibrators come in different sizes, shapes, vibration configurations and materials. So, which one will be the best option for you? You can make it a little easy by working out what turns you on. If you are not sure about how you like to be sexually stimulated, then you need to understand your own sexual response is to touch your pleasure points without using toys first. Once you know what makes you feel good, you can consider some tips below.

  • Do you always attain orgasm through clitoris stimulation? If yes, opt for a bullet vibrator.
  • If deep penetration leads you to a climax, buy a remote vibrator created for internal use.
  • If you love the feeling of both vaginal and clitoral penetration, then choose a vibrator that can stimulate both spots simultaneously.

Different Types of Remote Vibrators That You Can Buy

Clitoral or Bullet VibratorsIf you love clitoral stimulation, don't think much and opt for a bullet remote vibrator. Such toys are available in different sizes and shapes, from discrete bullets to magic wands. They come with a long-lasting battery to keep you providing sensual vibrations for hours.

  • G-Spot Vibrators

Some ladies like the feeling of deep penetration along with masturbation. For them, a g-spot vibrator will be an excellent option. This toy can stimulate all the internal pleasure points, increasing the orgasm's intensity. Most classic g-spot vibrators have a perfectly curved tip to stimulate the erogenous zones. Some are ribbed and can boost internal sweet spot stimulation. Choose one based on your requirements.

  • Rabbit Vibrators

A rabbit-styled remote vibrator is like a classic vibe and is insertable. Rabbits have a well-designed clit stimulator and a shaft and are perfect for women who love vaginal and clitoral stimulation simultaneously.

  • Couple's Vibrators

Well, remote vibrators are not designed just for solo masturbation. You can opt for a couple's remote vibrator to take the fun of partnered sex to a whole new level. In general, such toys come in clitoral, vaginal or a combined design. While some are insertable and discreet vibrators, some are app- or remote-controlled. An app-controlled vibrator can be an excellent option for couples in long-distance relationships.

Some Important Points to Consider Before Buying a Remote Vibrator

  • Dimension of the Toy
  • While buying one, ensure you are satisfied with the vibrator side. It can be smaller or bigger than you thought. Check the dimension properly. On the other hand, make sure you like the toy's design.

  • Materials Used
  • Most remote vibrators are created using skin-safe rubber, plastic or silicon. However, both these options are good. While silicon is a good option, vibrators made of antibacterial PVC will be more durable.

  • Speeds and Settings
  • These sex toys support a range of vibration patterns and speeds to tickle your pleasure points. However, the sensations can differ. So, consider your preference. Smaller or bullet vibrators tend to be buzzy and offer targeted pleasure. But wands can produce rumbly and deeper vibrations.

  • Power Source
  • Most toys support USB charging, but sometimes, a battery-powered remote vibrator can make things pleasurable. And you can use them on the go. While USB-charged toys are suitable for your pocket, remember that you may need to wait for the toy to charge fully before using it.

  • App-or Remote-Controlled Toys
  • Some vibrators support various methods of control. While some can be controlled using a remote, there are also app-controlled vibrators that are perfect for your long-distance relationship.

  • Noise Level
  • If you are worried about the sound, buy a quiet remote vibrator. Go through the product description and check the decibel level. If it is below 40 dB, then it will produce less sound.

    Some Tips for Using Your Remote Vibrator

    You don't need to follow hard and fast rules to use your remote vibrator. It all depends on what type of vibrator you are using and what you like the most. One can use it for personal stimulation or awaken the senses in the partner. It can also be used during oral favours. So, you can use it the way you want. If you are using it for the first time, start using it solo. Gently insert it and increase or decrease the vibration based on your preference. Then you can gradually introduce a remote vibrator into a partner's sex.

    Prefer to Use Lube

    Women using vibrators for the first time should prefer to use lube. Lubricating the toy is also advisable if you are into internal play. It will make things a little smoother, and you can relax and enjoy. Besides, using a lube can lower the risk of friction or overstimulation.

    If you are using a silicon-made vibrator, go for water-based lubes, and you can get that from the same place where you are purchasing the toy.

    Cleaning Your Remote Vibrator

    Remember that safe-sex practices are crucial on your own or with your partner. So, it is advisable to properly clean the vibrator after every use. You can prevent any possible infection and boost the toy's lifespan.

    Most toys can be easily cleaned using mild antibacterial soap. As remote vibrators are waterproof, you don't have to worry about water damage. You can dry your vibrator using a clean and fresh towel or let the toy air-dry.

    You can also use specialised sex toy cleaners that can be easily purchased from a sex toy store. Don't use alcohol, bleach or dish soap to clean these toys, as they can damage the material. If your remote vibrator is not waterproof, avoid its electrical area while cleaning.

    Storing Your Vibrator

    Don't keep your vibrator out in an open space to collect dirt, bacteria or dust. Don't store it along with other sex toys. Toys can mould together based on the materials used, potentially leading to an infection. So, keep them separate.

    Some vibrators come with storing cases designed for the toy. So, please keep them in that box. If your toy doesn't come with a storage box, use a clean container with a proper closure. Lines and silk bags can also work well. You can also get specialised vibrator storage cases online. However, ensure your remote vibrator is properly clean and dry before placing it into a box.

    Final Thoughts

    When it comes to taking your sexual pleasure to a whole new level, you will never go wrong with a remoter vibrator. You can use remote vibrators solo or spice of the moment with a partner. The choice is yours. However, for maximum pleasure, you need to get the best remote vibrator made of high-quality material. Even though the options are more, at Secrets Shop, you will find the best products at affordable prices. Some of the best options that you can try are:

    • Emperor 7-Inch Life-Like Vibrator

    This vibrator is designed to lead to an ultimate realistic experience. It supports multiple vibrating speeds and comes with a strong suction cup. It is made of antibacterial PVC.

    • Scrambler 28X Vibrating Egg

    This versatile vibrating egg supports 7 patterns of vibrations and 4 speeds. It is simple and waterproof. It can work from a 25-foot distance.

    • O-Bomb Rechargeable Remote Control Egg Vibrator

    It has 10 modes of vibrations to offer you an intense orgasm. It is made of silicon. You can use it yourself or with your partner.

    Well, there are more options. Visit the site, choose the remote vibrator of your choice and place your order now to make your sexual life more exciting and pleasurable.

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    ​Some Useful Tips to Follow While Buying Sexual Toys Online

    With the utilization of sexual toys, both for men and women being less taboo than before, people from all genders and ages are now discovering different ways to feel that fantastic pleasure in the bedroom. However, it is a fact that buying sexual toys online be overwhelming or may feel somewhat intimidating.

    Walking into a local sex shop or buying online can introduce you to an unlimited range of dildos, strokers, vibrators and products designed to offer intense pleasure. So, how do you choose the right one for you? Is buying sexual toys online safe? Keep reading to find your answers and tips that can help you buy your first sex toy online.

    Which Types of Sexual Toy Is Good For A Beginner?

    If you are new to the market of sex toys, then choosing the right one for you can be a daunting task. Different sex toys are designed to offer other sensations, and you will find many options based on what you are searching for. Some of the best options for you can be:

    Bullet VibratorsBullet vibrators can be an excellent option for any beginner. These toys are easy-to-use, discreet and make a perfect fit for newcomers. You can use it to stimulate all erogenous zones with the help of the toy's tapered tip. Besides, you can buy these sexual toys online under your budget.

    • Dildos

    If you are looking for a perfect penetrative toy, then a dildo can be an excellent option. With this, you don't have to worry about any buttons as they are straightforward. While buying a dildo, it is advisable to check the girth and length of the dildo properly. To make it more comfortable to use, go for a dildo that comes with a suction cup.

    • Strokers

    Strokers are skin-textured tunnel-shaped toys; while using them, you need to slide them over the penis to simulate the sensation of intercourse. As such toys are generally used for solo plays, the choice will be based on the user's preference.

    • Cock Rings

    Cock rings are another popular go-to sex toy for men and can offer great fun while used with a partner during intercourse. These toys can keep the penis harder for a long time by restricting blood flow. For maximum pleasure, you can go for a vibrating cock ring.

    • Butt Plugs

    These toys are perfect for those who want to explore the fun of booty play. Such toys are petite. Some come with a flared base. Flared bases are suitable when trying a butt plug for the first time. Butt plugs are great for both women and men.

    • Couple Vibrators

    A good quality couple vibrators are a multitasker and can stimulate both the G-spot and clitoris. This can take the pleasure of your penetrative sex to a whole new level. While buying one, search for a rotatable outer arm, a wireless remote or a couple of vibrators with different vibration modes.

    • Rabbit Vibrators

    Another innovative option for enhancing intimacy is the sex toy rabbit vibrator, which is able to target multiple erogenous zones simultaneously. When selecting this type of vibrator, consider its material, flexibility, and variety of settings to fully customize your pleasure.

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    ​Pocket Strokers - Everything You Need To Know Before Buying One

    When talking about sex toys, most people think about vibrators for women or sex dolls. But what about men? Well, there are lots of sex toys available out there to help men to witness a fantastic experience. Using these toys, men can attain the desired sexual pleasure just like women.

    And one such toy is the pocket stroker, or some call it pocket pussy. Here you will learn more about this popular sex toy for men, including how to use it to achieve maximum pleasure. Utilising a pocket stroker can be one of your life's unique feelings. So you will not want to miss out. So, keep reading.

    What Do You Mean by a Pocket Stroker?

    Pocket Strokers are designed to enhance men's self-pleasure. These are handheld male masturbators and closely resemble the feel and look of a vagina. This device, when used properly, can quickly get a man to orgasm. Well, there are no such things as the best pocket strokers, as this is a personal preference and will depend on every person.

    The materials used to produce masturbators are soft, skin-safe materials and available in tubes where the male slides the penis. There are lots of models available. Some are even available moulded from the woman's genitalia for added realism. It can be up to 7 inches or longer, and you will find two openings.

    Pocket strokers feel amazing. One end is to enter the penis, and the other is open, making cleaning the toy easier. Even though pocket strokers can help a man in different situations, one of the primary reasons to use them is for sexual satisfaction, other than using the hand. Just give it a try.

    Understanding the History of Male Masturbators

    During ancient times, a wank was considered a healthy and easy way for men to remain sexually satisfied and keep the reproductive system healthy. They publicly and openly celebrated masturbation, and they used to believe that this was how the entire universe was born.

    However, with time these old testaments have changed. On the other hand, taboos started to build among people. But the ancient Egyptians were on to something else. And it is physically and mentally healthy for men to masturbate. And that is regardless of how often they have sex with their partners.

    Some Benefits of Using Pocket Strokers

    Aside from providing men with maximum pleasure, did you know that a pocket stroker has other benefits? Let's explore some scientifically-backed advantages of using pocket strokers.

    Eliminates Boredom

    It means you can give your hands a rest and experience something fascinating and new. These masturbators will make it easier to fantasise as some come with textured sleeves that offer better stimulation, leading to an intense orgasm.

    Delaying Orgasms

    There are some cases where delaying orgasms is considered a good thing. Males with PE- Premature Ejaculation issues can use a pocket stroker to help them control their ejaculation to enjoy sex for a longer time. Ordinary men with some sexual disorders such as ED- Erectile Dysfunction can also use these devices to enhance their sexual stamina. The enhanced sensitivity produced by a pocket stroker can effectively overcome ED and satisfy the partner. So, go on and get a masturbator and begin the journey into a better erection.

    Relieves Stress

    You need to know that masturbating may not be the only way to improve your mood, but it can help. As per some studies, sex can lower stress levels. That means a male who masturbates can produce endorphins after ejaculation. And utilising a pocket stroker to masturbate can make it more pleasurable.

    Enjoy better sex with your partner

    After utilising a pocket stroker, the male may use some technique they learned using the toy and satisfy their partner. For example, controlling and holding back their ejaculation will be a significant factor. On the other hand, using their imagination while masturbating can also benefit them. Besides, most couples use pocket strokers as a tool for foreplay, and some use these toys when it is not possible to complete intercourse due to other reasons.

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    How to talk to a man about sex?

    Talking with your partner is very beneficial to a healthy relationship letting him know your dislikes and boundaries. Sex is a process determined by instincts, meaning you don't need to be an expert. Everything would work itself out if our sexual life were subject only to the intuition of reproduction. For some couples, the process is a bit more complicated. When we get to know each other, there is a simple way to have great sex: communicate, give and enjoy.

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    ​A Complete Cock Plugs Guide- Enjoy Maximum Pleasure

    Cock plugs, also called penis plugs, are popular sex tools among men for pleasure, arousal, and sexual pleasure. Most men use this tool to enhance their sexual experience and take their sexual pleasure to a new level. You can use a cock plug for medical games, sex, masturbation, role-playing, and more. If you are buying this for the first time, look at this detailed cock plugs guide to explore more about it and learn how to use it properly to have an intense orgasm.

    Don't Get Confused Between a Penis Plug and Urethral Sound

    Some men think both the cock plugs and urethral sounds are the same. Even though they come under the urethral toy category, they are different. Cock plug users will use a urethral plug while masturbating, offering a fantastic sensation. Some pins are solid, and some come with a hollow structure, allowing liquid substances to pass through them, like during urinating or orgasm.

    On the other hand, urethral sounds are generally used during the penis sounding. These toys are longer and can reach your prostate. These are perfect if you are looking for a sex tool for deep urethral play. These toys are designed based on real instruments used by doctors for medical examinations. Some men use a urethral sound for prostate massage.

    Why Do Men Use Penis Plugs or Cock Plugs?

    Well, cock plugs have a medical use, and they can help men to open their urethra so that they can urinate adequately. However, men also use these small devices to experience incredible sexual pleasure. As the plug gets inside the urethra, it creates pressure and influences the sensitive nerves in the penis. The pressure is sufficient to make your penis sensitive, and you will witness an intense orgasm. Besides, cock plugs can also help you maintain a perfect and harder erection through internal stimulation. Some benefits of a cock plug to consider are:

    • Increased Sensitivity- As the device touches the nerve endings, the senses will be effectively heightened.
    • Internal Stimulation- Even though fellatio is a popular stimulation method, with a suitable cock plug, the users will experience unbeatable internal stimulation.
    • Powerful Orgasm- The increased sensitivity and stimulation will lead to a mind-blowing and pleasurable climax.
    • New Sensation- With this, you will witness a whole new sensation. At first, it may seem a little challenging, but it creates a fantastic blend of pleasure and discomfort.

    You can only experience this when you use it. Give it a try now.

    How to Use a Cock Plug?

    • After receiving your penis plug, check it properly and ensure it is smooth and there are no sharp bits on the surface. It is essential to do this as some plugs are handmade (if you are buying from an untrusted platform). You should follow this step every time you use the plug.
    • If the plug is safe, then wash it properly. You will use it inside your penis, so ensure that it is perfectly sterile. You can use an antibacterial cleaner or leave it for a few seconds in the boiling water.
    • Remember to use a lubricant. You may use a water-based lubricant or a silicone lubricant. Lubricate the plug properly to avoid any discomfort or pain while inserting. Like the anus, your urethra may not create sufficient lubricant for sexual play. It will absorb water. So, water-based or saliva-based lubricant will not be that effective, and you may need to lubricate the device frequently. However, first-time users may feel slight pain. But there is nothing to worry about.
    • Urinating before you can use your plug is a good idea. Unless you are using a hollow cock plug, it can block the ability to urinate. Besides, this will also make the orgasm process comfortable. It has been found that some men find it challenging to attain an orgasm when their bladder is full.
    • Don't get excited in the heat of the movement, and go slow. Keep in mind that inserting a plug into your penis is a very delicate process. If you rush, it can cause damage. Please don't force it. If you have applied sufficient lubricant and it is still not inserting comfortably, then try after some time.
    • Now you have successfully inserted the device into the penis; you will gradually feel aroused and stimulated. Pull it out slowly and insert it again if you have not attained a complete erection. If you are using a cock plug for the first time, then don't go fast and limit it to around 5 to 10 minutes.

    Once you have used the plug, properly clean and sterilise it before storing it. You may find some spotting in the urine when you use it for the first time. Well, this is common.

    In general, it is pretty easy to insert a plug in the penis when your penis is flaccid. To avoid complications, you should use the correct size penis plug. It is not advisable to use thicker and longer cock plugs until the urethra becomes used.

    Different Types of Cock Plugs

    Well, cock plugs are not for all; there is nothing wrong with giving them a try and experiencing sensational stimulation. When you search for a cock plug, you will find different types, each with unique characteristics. Some of the most common types are:

    • Tapered Plugs

    A tapered penis plug can be a perfect option for beginners. These are straightforward to use. The small circumference will expand to help you ease into a sensation. For easier fluid expel and ejaculation, some plugs have central holes.

    • Solid Plugs

    Such plugs come with smooth surfaces and have short bodies. They don't have a central hole and can work as sperm stoppers, prolonging ejaculation.

    • Cock Plugs with Through-Hole

    Such plugs are designed to be used for a long time, and you don't have to remove the plug while ejaculating. They are available in different materials, but the most common is made of stainless steel.

    • Penis Plugs with A Glans Ring

    If you want to enjoy more sensation, perfect penile stimulation, and harder erections, you can opt for a cock plug with a glans ring. A well-placed glans ring provides manhood with extra grip. As a result, you can maintain a more complex and more prolonged erection for a longer time.

    • Ridged or Texture Plugs

    If you have been using smooth-surfaced cock plugs and now want to try something new, then go for it. These plugs are perfect for experienced users. Their beaded structure can hit the right spot more sensually.

    Some Crucial Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

    • One of the common risks involved in using a cock plug is infection. Any bacteria on the tool can damage your urinary system. So, before inserting it, ensure you have correctly sterilised it.
    • Always use the correct type of cock plug, which is important for your safety.
    • Using them for the first time, use the more minor and most straightforward plugs. A plug with a tapered or rounded tip will be a good option.
    • I prefer to use high-quality lubricant while using a penis plug. Make sure the lubricant you are using is sterile. Don't use saliva for lubrication.
    • Always go slowly. Don't rush. The penis may take time to adjust to the new sensation. After using it 4 to 5 times, you will find it more comfortable.
    • Don't force the plug. Forcing it will cause more harm to your penis. Always let the tool slide inside the penis naturally.
    • This will be something fascinating and new for you. Make yourself feel relaxed while using it for a positive experience. So, don't worry. Take your time.
    • You should permanently remove your solid plug before ejaculation, or it may lead to retrograde ejaculation.

    Storing Your Cock Plugs

    Not just while using the plugs, you should also be very careful while storing your penis plugs. Remember that improper storage of the plugs will attract bacteria and damage the weapon. As the plugs' surface should be smooth for use, dents or scratches on the surface will make your plug unsafe. After cleaning correctly, storing your cock plugs in a dry box is advisable. If you keep multiple penis pugs in one box, wrap every plug using a soft material.

    Final Words

    Cock plugs are safe to use, and, when used properly, don't hurt. For a unique and pleasurable experience, you can use it for around 30 minutes. Penis plugs also have many benefits, such as increasing sensation, helping erectile dysfunction and adding stimulation. Besides, these are very easy to use. If you are looking for a reliable platform to buy the best cock plugs, visit Secrets Shop. Here you will find different types cock plugs and urethral plugs at the best prices. Check out the products now.

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    Blow Up Dolls Guide

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    ​How To Use a Clit Clamp?

    Have you ever thought about combining your sexual pleasure with pain? Many people have tried and fallen in love with this thing, so why don't you give it a try. Whether it is a slap on the butt or a tiny bite, pain and pleasure, when mixed, lead to fantastic foreplay. And if you are looking for an effective way to experience this, then it's time to get a clit clamp. Using a clitoral clamp on your genitals will feel amazing.

    Using a clit clamp doesn't have to be complicated or painful. If you wear it correctly, you will fall in love with your clit clamp after the first use. However, if you use this for the first time, you might feel confused and lost. Please keep reading to explore this clamp and how to use it properly for a smooth experience.

    What Do You Mean by a Clit Clamp?

    As the name suggests, clit clamp is one type of sex toy that clamps your clitoris. It can be a little torturous but in a pleasurable way. You might think this can be very uncomfortable and painful, but it is not when you use it correctly. It would be best if you gave it a try and find out for yourself.

    With their unique designs, clamps squeeze the clit very gently and produce continuous pressure for better stimulation. When it is removed, blood flows back into the clitoris, making it incredibly sensitive to the genital area and clitoris.

    Not just for professionals, these clamps can also be used by anyone who wants to add something new to their sex routine. Whether you are using it with a partner or alone, it's an ideal tool that can be used while having sex or during foreplay.

    The mechanism of clit clamps will vary, but they all look like tweezers with rubber on the ends. Some clamps come with beads at the end, making them the naughtiest jewellery.

    What Do Clit Clamps Feel Like?

    After knowing that clit clamps don't hurt, now you might be wondering what these clamps feel like?

    These toys offer the wearer intense to light levels of squeezing to the clitoris. By simply tightening your clamp, you can turn up the intensity. However, do it carefully; if it is too tight, it can cause pain. Once you wear it, your clit will feel throbbing and full.

    You can touch the clit or let your partner feel it while you are wearing the clamp. While creating a fantastic sensation, the overall feeling will be delightful.

    However, the absolute pleasure will begin when you remove it. Once you remove the clamp, whether it is a vibrator, your hand, and oral sex, it will feel phenomenal. As blood moves into the clit, you feel tingling, making your clit very sensitive.

    Different Types of Clit Clamps to Try Out Now

    Crocodile Clit ClampThese are like tweezer clips, but these can be easily adjusted using a screw on the side. Once you are done with adjusting the screw, squeeze it to open the clit clamp and then gently release it to make it press on the clitoris. These toys are easy to use so that they can be an ideal option for beginners. If you want to experience something unique, then go for a crocodile clit clamp that has a pair of nipple clamps. This way, you will witness that delicious sensation in your clit as well as nipples at the same time.

    • Tweezer Clamp

    As the name suggests, they look like tweezers. It can only be used on the clit, and you can clip the labia using it. When using it properly, it makes perfect penetration. With tweezer clamps, you will find silicon or rubber tips at the ends, making them comfortable to use. Some tweezer clamps allow you to adjust the hold. All you need to do is slide the arm up or down to adjust it.

    • Slide-To-Fit Clit Clamp

    These clamps don't come with that typical pincher design; they look like a skinny U and have a larger loop. The placement of such clit clamps is straightforward as you need to slide them inside to clamp your clitoris. The longer arms clamp your labia. You may not find it comfortable to wear it during intercourse as the clamp's arms will get in your way.

    When Can You Use Your Clit Clamp?

    You can use your clit clamps with your partner or solo. Wearing it during masturbation can enhance your pleasure. While using it solo, you can use a vibrator. Besides, you can try to adjust the pressure based on your comfort level. Gently rub the stimulated clitoris while wearing the clam for a perfect sensation. However, please don't wear it for more than 10 minutes as it can cause discomfort.

    Wearing your clit clamp and creating constant pressure will give you an intense orgasm during the penetration. Other toys like cock rings may not work properly as they will not create continuous pressure. If you want to make a perfect clip stimulation, this is the sex toy that you can try. It works much better than using a vibrator, as the vibrator may move when you are about to have an orgasm. You can also use it during sex.

    How To Properly Use a Clit Clamp?

    • If you have never used a clit clamp before, you should test it on the webbing between the index finger and thumb or on the ear lobe. This way, you will understand how tight to cinch the clit clamp.
    • While using, it is advisable to use lube. This will make it a super pleasurable experience. Besides, this will make the clamp easier to put on, especially if you are using a slide-to-fit clit clamp.
    • You can do whatever you like for foreplay. Toys, fingers, etc., it's all good. You should only use the clamp to a warmed-up clit. As there will be more blood flow, the clit will expand and placing a clit clamp will be much easier for you.
    • Carefully apply the clamp and gently tighten it based on your comfort. Make sure that you have clamped it towards the clit's base. Please don't use it on the tip or clitoral hood as it can cause pain. The clit clamp should not be very painful. If you are feeling pain while using it, you may have placed it improperly or tightened it too much.
    • As you are warming up the moment, prefer to leave it for around 5 minutes. Even if you have been using the clamp for months, you should use it for more than 10 minutes. Well, you can do whatever you like to do while using a clit clamp. You can have sex, or play with your clit, etc., to enjoy an intense moment.
    • Prepare to be amazingly sensitive after removing the clamp. The blood rushing into the clitoris will produce a tingly sensation, and you will feel sensitive for a while. You will not forget those moments in your life.

    Are Clit Clamps Painful?

    The simple answer to this question is no. If you find it painful, the clamp is probably in the wrong place or very tight. However, if you feel numbness or pain, then remove it immediately. You need to wear it at the clitoris' bottom for less than 8 to 10 minutes.

    Is It a Good Accessory for a Great Foreplay Experience?

    There is no doubt that clit clamps are an excellent foreplay accessory. Even though they do not come under the category of the most popular sex toys for women, most women use them to witness a unique sensation with clit clamps.

    When you use them, you will have both your hands free, and you can do whatever you want. On the other hand, you can enjoy receiving oral while putting on a clit clamp. If you hear women speaking about how they have a clit clamp, instead of fear, you should be filled with joy.

    Once you put it off, blood will rush back to the clitoris, and it will be more sensitive and swollen. Even though you can tease your clitoris while using the clit clamp, the feeling will be unique and amusing once you remove it.

    So, a clit clamp is a perfect way to spice things up and increase pleasure. With time, these are getting more popular among women, and most are satisfied with these clamps.


    Now that you have explored all about clit clamps, it's time to choose the right type of clamp for maximum pleasure and get started with it. From vibrating clamps to attached tweezers clamps, there are different types of clit clamps to pick from. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, keep your clamp's weight, material, and size in mind. Choose the best one and heighten your sexual pleasure by squeezing and pinching your clitoris.

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    ​A Complete Guide for Buying Love Eggs and Using in the Right Ways

    When it comes to buying that go-to vibrator, the whole thing can get confusing or overwhelming as you will get a lot of options out there. But for a thrilling experience, a love egg vibrator can be your excellent companion. These vibrators are designed to fit into the vagina (targeting the G-spot ideally). You can also use them to stimulate your clitoris. Want to know more about love eggs and how to use love eggs? Read on.

    You may not find enough information about these sex toys, but here, in this guide, you will get to know everything about love eggs and the steps to use your love eggs in the right way to enjoy maximum pleasure. What’s more? You can also understand the unknown history of love eggs. Furthermore, this guide will help you choose the best love eggs under your budget.

    What Do You Mean by Love Eggs?

    Also called vibrating love eggs, love egg vibrators are small sex toys shaped like an egg and come with a retractable string. These toys are very buzzy, offering intense and robust vibrations; when applying them to a sensitive spot, expect intense sensations. As they are small, these can be a perfect vibrator for anyone looking for a discreet vibrator.

    They come in different variations and can be used in various body areas. You can also find wireless love egg vibrators that are excellent for playing with your partner and stimulating the mood. Besides, you can also get a remote-controlled love egg for some pleasurable teasing. Furthermore, there are also dual love eggs that can stimulate two spots simultaneously.

    Some Amazing Features That a Love Egg Can Offer:

    • Different vibration intensities as well as speeds.
    • On some models, you will get pre-set vibration patterns, which can also be customised.
    • Pulsation that can be easily synchronised to ambient sound or music.
    • Textured surface for a better sensation.
    • App control through a smartphone or computer.
    • Via internet connectivity, they facilitate long-distance use.
    • Waterproof and rechargeable.
    • Some come with multiple eggs for dual stimulation.

    Fascinating History of Love Eggs

    As for the origin of the love eggs, it all began way back during the 19th and 20th centuries. During that time, women from the middle and upper class witnessing some hysterical symptoms would visit doctors or midwives to get vulvar massages. It would allow them to experience hysterical paroxysms or orgasms that, in turn, calm their nerves. With time, the doctors would end up with tired arms due to the increasing number of women.

    That has led to the development of the Manipulator, a vibrator powered by steam. George Taylor, a physician, developed the device. After that, in the year 1880, Joseph Mortimer Granville created the first battery-operated vibrator. The vibe could offer automated massages to women looking for paroxysms.

    With time, more manufacturers and inventors started introducing their vibrator models. On the other hand, pop culture has also begun promoting sex toys, and you can see vibrators used in different movies. It has then led to the development of love egg vibrators. With its sleek design and small size, this sex toy has become a popular sex toy among women.

    Choosing The Right Love Eggs

    Before exploring how to use love eggs, you must understand how to choose the correct type of love egg vibrator that can offer you the intense pleasure that you want. First, you need to select the right kind. You can go for G-spot capsules, aquatic eggs, or wireless eggs based on your requirements. Then you will also have to consider the vibration patterns and intensity of the devices.

    As these items are used in the vagina, you should choose a model with an app or wireless control for ergonomic and wireless purposes. And don’t forget to check the material used. For better results, choose one that is made of silicone or ABS.

    Some Main Traits of Love Egg Vibrators

    Due to their unique shape, these toys are not that challenging to pick out. Besides, they have similar features that differentiate them from other sex toys. However, while buying one, you should consider the following essential traits to get the best one for you.

    Rigid Construction

    Some women prefer to use such toys anally, which can pressure love eggs. So, it would be best if you got one made of durable material so that it will not bend or fluctuate and experience a fantastic climax.


    Before buying one, you should check the power of the device. Check whether this toy can provide you with different levels of intensity.

    Ergonomic Forms

    It measures the efficacy of interaction between a person and the toys. These toys are small yet to utilise for deep penetration; they should come with some enhanced safety features, for example, pull strings, so you can enjoy maximum satisfaction without any issue.


    As you may sometimes want to use it in different places, you should make sure that you choose a toy that produces less noise. But it would help if you kept in mind that a lower noise level means less power.

    Different Control Options

    Choose one that can offer you different ways to control the stimulation, either by remote, in-built button or by hand. While others come with just one vibration pattern or speed, some have adjustable vibration settings. Keep in mind that if you are buying a remote-controlled love egg, then it may require some additional supplies to enjoy. So, properly check the specs while buying to know what you will get in the box.

    How To Use a Love Egg?

    A vibrating toy will take your masturbation experience to a new level, and love eggs are no exception. Once you choose a perfect love egg for maximum pleasure based on your preference, you should know how to use love eggs. If you are using it for the first time, here are some simple steps to help you get started.

    To begin, you can try sliding a love egg vibrator across your inner thighs and nipples to trigger arousal. When you are sexually aroused, you will experience incredible clitoral stimulation.

    Placing a vibrator gently against the clitoris creates a fantastic feeling, and when you have a love egg vibrator, you can control the pressure and vibrations.

    To have a hands-free experience, hold the vibrator against the vulva with the help of your thighs or your underwear.

    If your love egg vibrator has a retrieval string, gently insert that anally or vaginally. Use the remote control and experience a fantastic sensation while playing with different vibration intensities and patterns.

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