RUF Smak 50ml

Brand: RUF


Toilet water with pheromones RUF Smak for men is the key to your attractiveness and glamour, since pheromones are derivatives of male and female sex hormones. They act in the same way as the nature: once released the concentrate pheromones affects a person’s subconscious, sends a signal about your sexuality. Everything is natural, intuitive and gentle. Henceforward you are fixed up with your career growth, personal life as well as success with others, because you intuitively excite, delight, attract and affect. A unique and charismatic, floral-woody fragrance with hints of amber reveals your masculinity and, needless to say, will conquer even the most demanding lady. Ideal for those who want to shed sexuality.

Key Features

  • Rich aroma
  • Especially for men
  • Increased attention from the opposite sex
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RUF RUF Smak 50ml
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