I'm Your Stallion Coupons

Brand: Kheper Games


Gag gifts at bachelorette parties are meant to add humor and entertainment, often at the bride's expense, with gifts that are amusing rather than practical. While they may provide laughter for the party guests, the bride typically ends up with a quirky, non-useful gift. But what if the bride could also benefit from the gag gift?

Introducing the "I'm Your Stallion Coupons" – a gag gift that's a win-win for everyone involved. This flipbook contains ten coupons, each featuring cartoon depictions of intimate scenarios and playful activity descriptions that are sure to generate laughter and excitement at the party. However, these coupons are far from useless; they offer the bride a valuable asset for her upcoming marriage.

What sets these coupons apart is that each one can be redeemed by the bride, compelling her newlywed husband to perform a sexual favor of her choosing. With ten intimate favors at her disposal, she can call the shots and enjoy a playful, intimate experience with her partner. In the grand scheme of things, these coupons might just be more valuable than many items found on her wedding registry. It's a gag gift that keeps on giving, ensuring laughter and pleasure for the bride and her spouse-to-be.

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Kheper Games I'm Your Stallion Coupons
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