Smooth Glide Tiny Cup Menstrual Cup Transparent Medium

Brand: Smooth Glide


TinyCup - The sustainable menstrual cup in size M

The TinyCup menstrual cup (period cup) is the sustainable alternative to traditional monthly hygiene products such as tampons or sanitary pads. The advantage of the TinyCup lies in its medical grade silicone. It collects menstrual fluid instead of absorbing it, which keeps the vaginal flora from drying out. The menstrual cup is also reusable, protecting your wallet as well as the environment.


Because you can use the TinyCup for up to 10 hours, you do not need additional tampons or sanitary pads. By collecting instead of absorbing the period blood, your vagina will not become dried out. This protects your vaginal flora and thus facilitates the insertion of the TinyCup on days with weaker bleeding. The TinyCup's vacuum seal also prevents possible unpleasant odors, which can arise from the combination of oxygen and blood. If you use the TinyCup correctly, you will be able to experience a more independent, uninhibited, and noticeably more pleasant period, not only in everyday life, but also during sports and sleep. Your menstrual cup will also save you money compared to tampons and sanitary pads. The environment will thank you as well!


Boil the TinyCup menstrual cup before each use and after each period for 10-20 minutes. For hygienic reasons, it's recommended to wash your hands thoroughly before inserting and removing the cup. Insert the menstrual cup level to the coccyx into the vagina. For a comfortable insertion, it is recommended to fold the TinyCup. There are multiple techniques for this. Just try it out and see which technique is most comfortable for you. The TinyCup should be folded so there is still some air in it. After releasing the TinyCup in the vagina, it unfolds into the right position on its own.

TinyCup Cleaning/Care

Before each use, and at the latest after your period is over, your menstrual cup should be boiled or sterilized in sufficiently heated water for 10 minutes. During your menstruation, it's sufficient to wash out the TinyCup after emptying it or wipe it out with skin-friendly cleaning wipes or toilet paper. Attention: Do not use aggressive cleaning agents to clean the TinyCup!

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Smooth Glide Smooth Glide Tiny Cup Menstrual Cup Transparent Medium
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