LELO Luna Vibrating Kegel Beads

Brand: Lelo


Lelo Luna - vaginal beads with elegant combination of wisdom of the east and new technologies of Sweden.

The beads comfortably fit into a vagina and, with pleasant vibrations, gently train your muscles discretely to others. This simple exercise will help you to strengthen your vaginal muscles, enhance their sensitivity, tone your genitals and experience more powerful and intense climaxes.

The base beads can be used separately or in combination with higher beads by using the harness.

1. Pull the pull-out string of the base bead that You chose through the opening for the pull out string located at the base of the harness (space for the base bead).

2. Insert the base bead into the corresponding space making sure that edges of the harness fit tightly around it.

3. Choose higher bead, insert it into the corresponding space making sure that edges of the harness fit tightly around it.

Depending on the condition of Your vaginal and pelvic floor muscles, you can start training from single base bead and gradually increase the difficulty by adding more beads and weight. Most importantly, the combination You choose should not cause any discomfort.

The bead(s) must be placed in a way that the lower end of the base bead was minimum 2 cm inside a vagina. Most importantly, the base bead must be higher than a pelvic floor muscle. The exact distance between the entrance to a vagina and a pelvic floor muscle differs between women, but the bead(s) must be placed approximately the same way as a tampon. Make sure that the pull out string is sticking out of vagina - this will make it easier to pull out the bead(s).

If you intend to use the LUNA BEADS system primarily for training purposes, then it is important to include it in your daily schedule and follow a consistent programme.

Depending on the condition of your vaginal and pelvic floor muscles, the training period can take up to 12 weeks of 30 minutes daily exercises before getting noticeable results.

Initially when using the LUNA BEADS system for training, You can experience slight discomfort as your body may be sensitive to the beads. You would also notice that that beads can slip out after only a few minutes. Should this happen, please do not worry and continue following consistent training schedule. As your muscles become stronger with training, they will automatically hold the beads in place.

During walking, running, swimming and other activities the internal balls would move creating hardly noticeable kinetic vibration, which stimulates vaginal muscles. Even if you stand without movement, the gravity would cause spontaneous contractions of the pelvic floor muscles because muscles will try not to let the beads slip outside.

Key Features

  • Enhance muscle tonus
  • Personalised exercise system
  • Absolutely discrete and silent
  • Suitable for women of all age
  • Different combination options
  • Shifted centre of gravity
  • Stylish design
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Lelo LELO Luna Vibrating Kegel Beads
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