Oral Fun Game


Introducing "Oral Fun: The Game of Eating Out While Staying In!" This playful and tantalizing game is designed to tease and titillate as you navigate the board, engaging in various forms of oral pleasure.

As you move around the board, you'll encounter different symbols, each corresponding to a naughty category found in the game guide. These categories will lead you on a journey of intimate exploration, involving actions that will leave you giggling and gasping for more. The goal? To reach square 69, of course!

Oral Fun encourages players to use their mouths in creative and sensual ways, from kissing and licking to indulging in saucy trivia and actions. The ultimate aim is to reach a state of blissful pleasure, and the journey promises plenty of laughter and excitement along the way.

  • 1 x Oral Fun Board
  • 1 x Game Guide
  • 2 x Counters
  • 20 x Oral Fun Trivia Cards
  • 1 x Die

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Creative Conceptions Oral Fun Game
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