​A Complete Guide for Buying Love Eggs and Using in the Right Ways

When it comes to buying that go-to vibrator, the whole thing can get confusing or overwhelming as you will get a lot of options out there. But for a thrilling experience, a love egg vibrator can be your excellent companion. These vibrators are designed to fit into the vagina (targeting the G-spot ideally). You can also use them to stimulate your clitoris. Want to know more about love eggs and how to use love eggs? Read on.

You may not find enough information about these sex toys, but here, in this guide, you will get to know everything about love eggs and the steps to use your love eggs in the right way to enjoy maximum pleasure. What’s more? You can also understand the unknown history of love eggs. Furthermore, this guide will help you choose the best love eggs under your budget.

What Do You Mean by Love Eggs?

Also called vibrating love eggs, love egg vibrators are small sex toys shaped like an egg and come with a retractable string. These toys are very buzzy, offering intense and robust vibrations; when applying them to a sensitive spot, expect intense sensations. As they are small, these can be a perfect vibrator for anyone looking for a discreet vibrator.

They come in different variations and can be used in various body areas. You can also find wireless love egg vibrators that are excellent for playing with your partner and stimulating the mood. Besides, you can also get a remote-controlled love egg for some pleasurable teasing. Furthermore, there are also dual love eggs that can stimulate two spots simultaneously.

Some Amazing Features That a Love Egg Can Offer:

  • Different vibration intensities as well as speeds.
  • On some models, you will get pre-set vibration patterns, which can also be customised.
  • Pulsation that can be easily synchronised to ambient sound or music.
  • Textured surface for a better sensation.
  • App control through a smartphone or computer.
  • Via internet connectivity, they facilitate long-distance use.
  • Waterproof and rechargeable.
  • Some come with multiple eggs for dual stimulation.

Fascinating History of Love Eggs

As for the origin of the love eggs, it all began way back during the 19th and 20th centuries. During that time, women from the middle and upper class witnessing some hysterical symptoms would visit doctors or midwives to get vulvar massages. It would allow them to experience hysterical paroxysms or orgasms that, in turn, calm their nerves. With time, the doctors would end up with tired arms due to the increasing number of women.

That has led to the development of the Manipulator, a vibrator powered by steam. George Taylor, a physician, developed the device. After that, in the year 1880, Joseph Mortimer Granville created the first battery-operated vibrator. The vibe could offer automated massages to women looking for paroxysms.

With time, more manufacturers and inventors started introducing their vibrator models. On the other hand, pop culture has also begun promoting sex toys, and you can see vibrators used in different movies. It has then led to the development of love egg vibrators. With its sleek design and small size, this sex toy has become a popular sex toy among women.

Choosing The Right Love Eggs

Before exploring how to use love eggs, you must understand how to choose the correct type of love egg vibrator that can offer you the intense pleasure that you want. First, you need to select the right kind. You can go for G-spot capsules, aquatic eggs, or wireless eggs based on your requirements. Then you will also have to consider the vibration patterns and intensity of the devices.

As these items are used in the vagina, you should choose a model with an app or wireless control for ergonomic and wireless purposes. And don’t forget to check the material used. For better results, choose one that is made of silicone or ABS.

Some Main Traits of Love Egg Vibrators

Due to their unique shape, these toys are not that challenging to pick out. Besides, they have similar features that differentiate them from other sex toys. However, while buying one, you should consider the following essential traits to get the best one for you.

Rigid Construction

Some women prefer to use such toys anally, which can pressure love eggs. So, it would be best if you got one made of durable material so that it will not bend or fluctuate and experience a fantastic climax.


Before buying one, you should check the power of the device. Check whether this toy can provide you with different levels of intensity.

Ergonomic Forms

It measures the efficacy of interaction between a person and the toys. These toys are small yet to utilise for deep penetration; they should come with some enhanced safety features, for example, pull strings, so you can enjoy maximum satisfaction without any issue.


As you may sometimes want to use it in different places, you should make sure that you choose a toy that produces less noise. But it would help if you kept in mind that a lower noise level means less power.

Different Control Options

Choose one that can offer you different ways to control the stimulation, either by remote, in-built button or by hand. While others come with just one vibration pattern or speed, some have adjustable vibration settings. Keep in mind that if you are buying a remote-controlled love egg, then it may require some additional supplies to enjoy. So, properly check the specs while buying to know what you will get in the box.

How To Use a Love Egg?

A vibrating toy will take your masturbation experience to a new level, and love eggs are no exception. Once you choose a perfect love egg for maximum pleasure based on your preference, you should know how to use love eggs. If you are using it for the first time, here are some simple steps to help you get started.

To begin, you can try sliding a love egg vibrator across your inner thighs and nipples to trigger arousal. When you are sexually aroused, you will experience incredible clitoral stimulation.

Placing a vibrator gently against the clitoris creates a fantastic feeling, and when you have a love egg vibrator, you can control the pressure and vibrations.

To have a hands-free experience, hold the vibrator against the vulva with the help of your thighs or your underwear.

If your love egg vibrator has a retrieval string, gently insert that anally or vaginally. Use the remote control and experience a fantastic sensation while playing with different vibration intensities and patterns.

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To make it more pleasurable, you can use a lube.

Solo sex with a love egg vibrator is always pleasurable. You can use your love egg vibrator anywhere in the body, experimenting with different vibrational patterns and positions. A love egg vibrator can be used on other erogenous zones, like the anus, g-spot, clitoris, labia, neck, prostate, inner thighs, and ears. Go on and give it a try with some of the sex toy lubes now.

Maintenance and Care of Love Eggs Vibrators

While using these vibrators, it is crucial to know the primary material of the device, as based on that, you will be choosing the lube for the vibe. For example, if your vibrator is made using body-safe silicone material, you should use water-based lubes instead of silicone-based lubes. It can deteriorate your love egg’s surface.

The cleaning process of your love egg is straightforward. You will only need to clean it using warm water and mild soap. If your vibrator comes with remote control, you don’t have to clean it using water. You can use a damp towel or can spray a sex toy cleaner to get the job done.

When storing your small love egg safely, you should always use a satin pouch. It will lower the explore to dirt and dust while avoiding any possible contamination with other sex toys. Ensure the toy is dry before you can put it into the storage pouch.

Are Love Eggs Safe?

The simple answer to this question is Yes. Love Eggs vibrators available in the market are safe as they are made of high-quality ABS plastic or silicone. If you buy a love egg vibrator, you should avoid a vibrator made of jelly rubber, rubber, or thermoplastic rubber.

Unsafe vibrators can be very challenging to clean correctly, and some can develop health issues. If you think that a love egg may desensitise your clitoris, then don’t worry about this. It happens very rarely. But prefer to use your love eggs vibrator in limit and follow the proper ways to use love eggs for maximum pleasure.

Love egg vibrators are safe, powerful, discreet, petite, and sensual. Just wear them in your private area and stimulate your clitoris and G-spot.