Blow Up Dolls Guide

Sex dolls, also called love dolls, are perfect for men who want to imitate penetrative sex while masturbating. Well, when it comes to buying adult dolls, the choices can be overwhelming. On the other hand, the features and quality will also vary from one doll to another. It can be very challenging for first-time buyers to choose the right one. Sex dolls can be categorised into two primary categories, i.e., Realistic adult dolls and Blow-up dolls. Opting for a blow-up doll can be a good idea if you want a cheaper option. Keep reading to explore more about blow-up dolls before buying one.

What Do You Mean by A Blow-Up Doll?

Blow-up dolls are inflatable dolls, a type of adult sex toy. Once inflated, it will have a size and appearance close to a natural person. Some dolls come with a simulated penis or vagina that people can use for sex.

One can use these inflatable dolls instead of real people for sexual satisfaction and to enjoy an orgasm. They are very soft and elastic. Once the air is released, they are smaller, and you can easily carry them around. You can use them repeatedly. Just don't forget to clean the doll after every use.

Some Characteristics of Blow-up Dolls

Weight You will find these dolls very light weighted. The importance of inflatable dolls, when fully inflated, may range between 1 kg to 8kg. However, buying a sex doll made of silicone or TPE may weigh up to 10 kg.

  • Body Parts

Most blow-up dolls come with lower body parts and are generally made of silica gel. They may have a dual channel, single channel, or sizeable double channel or large channel.

  • Inflatable

These sex dolls need to be adequately inflated before you can use them. They come with air pumps, and you can also inflate them using your mouth.

  • Smell

When you buy quality realistic adult dolls, you will not find the smell of plastic, and they have no taste. But with a poor-quality doll, you may encounter a bad plastic smell. So, check the quality and materials used before ordering one.

Inventor of Blow-Up Dolls

The world's first inflatable doll was introduced in the market in 1955, and Maz Weissbrodt of Haussel created it. The name of the doll was Bild Lilli. Some also called Hitler the "father of inflatable dolls.

Different Uses of a Blow-Up Doll

  • Dress Her Up the Way You Want

As mentioned above, all blow-up dolls are life-size when inflated. That means you can easily dress her up using your favourite clothes and make your sex dolls look like hot models.

  • For Masturbation

One of the primary uses of realistic adult dolls is for masturbating. Most people buy these dolls for this reason. They are affordable and straightforward to store. Nowadays, you can find inflatable sex dolls that can produce sounds during sex to provide users with a fantastic experience.

  • Use As a Prop for Party

You can buy some Halloween inflatable dolls and take them out with you. You can use them for your Halloween games.

  • For Pranks

Some inflatable dolls are excellent for pranks. You can scare your guests by dressing the doll up as a creepy doll.

Perfect For Exploring Fantasy and Fetish

As mentioned, different types of sex dolls are available on the market. Some are designed specifically for sex, while others are for laughs. Well, that doesn't mean these dolls are only for a joke. After all, these are still sex dolls. As some people still feel shy about indulging in sex with a natural person, blow-up dolls can allow them to try different and new sexual things. You can fulfil your dark fantasy with these dolls. The dolls are perfect for those wild sensations you have always wanted to try.

How Does an Inflatable Doll Feel?

Per some reviews, these dolls can offer a pleasurable sexual experience. They come with a scientific and improved vaginal structure. Some dolls also have a vibration frequency. The more pressure you apply on the doll, the tighter the vagina will become. These dolls have become an excellent way for some people to satisfy their orgasms. Blow-up dolls are good as they provide you with a body-sized sex doll with a realistic mouth, dildo, ass or vagina.

It does feel good to have something to hold on to. It may take time to get used to this if you use it for the first time. However, if you can come up with a good position and rhythm, you can make the doll feel more realistic.

How to Use a Blow-up Doll?

These dolls are super easy-to-use. Follow the below-given steps to make your experience with your inflatable dolls pleasurable.

  • First, remove the doll from the box.
  • Now, you need to inflate the doll using an inflatable pump.
  • Some parts of the sex doll can be filled with water. For better results, use warm water.
  • Then, you need to apply a sufficient amount of lubricant to the penis or vagina.
  • Now, you are all set to get down to business.
  • Once you are done using your sex doll, release the air and properly clean it. Dry it out properly and store it in the packing box.

Lubrication Of Inflatable Dolls

The material used to make sex dolls will determine the type of lubricant you can use. When buying one, always make sure that you check which type of lubricant is safe for use. If you use the wrong lubricant, it can degrade the material, causing degeneration. This will weaken the material, and your doll may tear apart after a few uses. As a result, you may need to replace your doll frequently, spending more money.

Fill the Doll Up Properly

The wrong level of pressure can damage your sex dolls. Excessive inflation will make the seams weaker, and your doll will rip in different places. When inflating, always make sure that you are not applying more air to it. Fill the doll and leave it for around 10 minutes. This will let the air spread properly inside the doll. Then check the pressure and fill it up again. By following this simple inflation method, you can make sure that the air pressure on the doll is perfect.

Play Time with The Doll

Don't put much pressure on it. You can indulge in foreplay with your sex doll to witness a fantasy of being with a real woman. It will give your play a fantastic feel. Don't feel shy, and get creative with your blow-up dolls and try different positions.

Materials Used for Blow-up Dolls

Well, finding a silico-made blow-up doll can be a challenging task. Some dolls come with genital parts made of TPR or silicone. But you will not find an inflatable doll completely made of silicone. Some of the types of the most common materials used to make such dolls are:

  • ABS
  • Latex
  • Vinyl and
  • TPR

If you go for a higher-end doll, these materials will feel good. But with a lower end, you will have to sacrifice for your pleasure. It would help if you kept in mind that these materials are porous. That means you should clean and store your blow-up dolls properly to prevent the growth of bacteria.

The Cost of Blow-up Dolls

Blow-up dolls are pretty inexpensive compared to realistic adult dolls. You can easily buy them for under a few Euros online. You don't need to opt for an expensive one, as you can use that amount to buy a more realistic sex doll for a better sexual experience.

Top 5 Blow-Up Dolls To Buy At Secrets-Shop

If you are looking for quality blow-up dolls that can offer maximum pleasure, then Secrets-Shop has some best options for you. You can go for:

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All these dolls are made of superior quality materials and come with three love holes to give you an unforgettable sensation of satisfaction and pleasure.


Well, it can be said that blow-up dolls are not very realistic, but that is not the role these dolls are intended to play. The best part of such dolls is the space they take. At the lower price, inflatable dolls offer you a life-sized toy to hold onto, cuddle with, play with, straddle and ride with. So, if you are curious about this, then only think a little and buy the best blow-up dolls now. These dolls will never fail to surprise you.