Comprehensive Guide for Selecting and Using Wand Vibrators

The popularity of sex toys as one of the integral aspects of the lives of millions worldwide cannot go unnoticed. Keep the taboo around sex aside, and you can figure out that sex toys are just like any other product you search for on the internet. What if sex toys were like skincare products? If you have been seeking some new ways to discover sexual pleasure on your own or with your partner, then a wand vibrator or magic wands can be of help. What are wand vibrators and magic wands? How to use a wand vibrator? The limited discussions around the use of sex toys leave a little volume of information regarding their effectiveness.

The following post helps you answer many questions regarding the best practices for using wand vibrators. Most importantly, you can figure out the fascinating history behind the magic wands and their association with feminism. On top of it, the post also sheds light on other important details, such as choosing the right wand vibrator and tips for cleaning the wand massagers after use.

What is a Wand Vibrator?

Wand vibrators or massagers are massaging devices used commonly as sex toys or vibrators. The basic design of the device involves a round vibrating ball attached to a handle. The foremost question for anyone searching for new wand vibrators in the market would be the definition of the tools.

Some descriptions of wand vibrators also present them as magic wand vibrators or magic wand massagers. Why? The term "Magic Wand" for these massaging devices fits their description as the first-ever famous vibrator brand. The Hitachi Magic Wand has been around since 1968 as one of the top vibrator brands, even if many other devices with similar designs have recently popped up.

History of Wand Vibrators and Magic Wands

How old are wand vibrators or magic wand massagers?

The discussions on wand vibrators and magic wands draw the limelight eventually to the Hitachi Magic Wand. What makes the product so unique that it has become the benchmark for new models of wand vibrators and magic want massagers? The curious case of wand vibrators during the sex-positive feminist movement in the 70s shows how these sex toys are more than just naughty tools.

The wand vibrators were sold as general body massagers for quick relief from sore muscles. However, the Hitachi Magic Wand gradually became popular with cult status in the early 70s for its use as a vibrator for clitoral stimulation. The simple fact that it was available in almost every household discreetly and did not feature any phallic overtones in its design made it an instant hit among the women. The equation for women was a lot simpler now as they did not need a partner for sexual pleasure. Women could buy the magic wand easily and achieve the type of orgasm which was all about their satisfaction.

How Are Wand Vibrators or Magic Wands Special?

The role of wand vibrators and magic wand massagers in female sexual liberation is an exciting highlight of their history. Did they weave some "magic" on women in the early 70s, which continues to stay strong till now? The answer lies in the way wand vibrators work. Wand vibrators or magic wand massagers are notable for their unique structure, providing external stimulation and internal vibrations. The wand's design helps release deep and strong vibrations that stimulate the skin around the clitoris. At the same time, they also create vibrations in the internal structure of the clitoris, thereby doubling up the pleasure.

The design of the wands includes a motor in the vibrating ball or the 'head' of the wand vibrator. The motor does the heavy lifting in the work of wand vibrators and magic wand massagers. Interestingly, the successful design of the magic wand by Hitachi has spurred many similar designs by other popular brands. However, you can always choose the right one for your kinky pleasures by paying attention to specific factors.

Selecting a Wand Vibrator

Before trying to figure out how to use a wand vibrator, you must know how to find the right massager. Above everything else, you should consider whether wands are the right choice of sex toy for you. Sex experts have stated that magic wands are famous for their crucial traits such as longevity, versatility, power, and ease of use. In most cases, women would look for wand-style vibrators simply because they are reliable and more powerful. However, there are many other factors you should look for in a suitable wand massager.

Remember that wand-style massagers or magic wands are not tailored for pleasuring the clitoris only. On top of it, you don't have to rely on the old plugged-in magic wands as new and trendy designs have introduced rechargeable and mobile wands. In addition, the wands are also available in varying sizes, offering more options for buyers.

Another critical factor in choosing a wand vibrator would be that they can be heavier than the smaller sex toys. If you have limited strength or flexibility, then using a wand vibrator can be a challenging experience. In such cases, you need to look for a wand vibrator that offers an adaptive style where you can add new attachments to the wand. For example, you can add a flutter tip magic wand attachment or a pop-top wand attachment for better accessibility and pleasure.

Experts recommend that the best course of action for choosing the right wand vibrator or magic wand massager would focus on taking it slow. It would be best if you tried a few experiments with how you feel or what your partner feels about the wand massagers. For instance, wand vibrators are a good option if you like high-pressure stimulation. On the other hand, oversensitive people might not find wands the best choice among sex toys.

Essential Traits of Wand Vibrators

The choice of a wand massager is generally a big one for many women. However, you can make the decision a lot easier by taking note of your personal preferences and requirements. Give some time to the thought of buying a wand vibrator or magic wand, and ask yourself whether you would love to have it in the years to come. On top of it, talking to the toy store staff can help you figure out many crucial factors in selecting a wand vibrator.

Above everything else, you must look for the following distinctive traits in wand vibrators to determine whether they fit your needs.


The power of the wand massager is the first feature you should check before buying one. If you like versatility, check whether it offers different power intensity levels in using the wand-style vibrator.


The early models of the Magic Wand were plugged in and could not be used in showers or bathtubs. However, many new models of wand-style vibrators have developed innovative designs offering better usability. For example, rechargeable battery-powered wands are a good choice for using your wand vibrator wherever you want.


The magic wand motor works out the magic it intends to, albeit at a cost. You need to be alone for using a wand vibrator owing to the noise. Therefore, make sure that you pick one that emits less noise. However, you have to remember that lower noise could mean a power reduction.

Steps for Using a Wand Vibrator

Once you have selected a wand vibrator or magic wand massager according to your requirements, you must know the steps to use it. Here are a few simple steps you can follow when using wands for the first time.

Look for a private location where you can enjoy the wand alone or with your partner.

Begin with a little distance from your clitoris. Clitoral stimulation works better when you are sexually aroused. Therefore, you must use the wand over erogenous spots such as inner thighs and breasts.

Using wands for the first time, use a fabric between the wand and your skin. It helps you familiarize yourself with the vibrating sensation of the massager quickly.

Try to move the toy continuously throughout the body as the vibrations can be intense with direct contact. Explore the different intensity configurations on the massager toy and find the one that suits your sensitivity.

Ensure you have the accessories, such as lube and attachments, to enhance the experience with wand massagers.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Wands

The most critical yet undermined highlight in discussions on 'how to use a wand vibrator' refers to cleaning and maintenance of wands. It would be best if you cleaned the wand massager with warm water and soap before and after using it. If the wand is not water-resistant, you can try wiping the toy with a damp cloth dipped in mild soap. Most importantly, you must ensure it is dry before you set it away for storage.

Are You Ready to Buy Wand Massagers?

The exciting benefits of wand massagers and simple pointers for using these popular sex toys offer adequate reasons to buy them. First of all, you need to throw away all concerns regarding the obscenity of wand massagers, especially considering their long-standing history with the sexual liberation of women. At the same time, you need to take note of your own needs and preferences in sexual pleasure. In addition, the features of wand massagers and magic wands are critical factors for choosing the best wands. Learn more about wand vibrators and buy one for yourself right now.