Experience A Mind-Blowing Fun with The Best Bluetooth Vibrating Plug

You may find it surprising that traditional butt plugs have been around for years. However, technological updates have now made it possible to take the anal sex experience to a new level using a Bluetooth vibrating plug. A remote-control anal plug has become an affordable and fun option for couples looking to maintain their long-distance relationship.

Whether you are a beginner to butt plugs or want to upgrade your but plugs, getting a perfect vibrating butt plug will be an excellent way to add something new and spice up your sexual life. Keep reading to explore more about this sex toy.

What Do You Mean by A Bluetooth Butt Plug?

Like most sex toys on the market, a Bluetooth vibrating plug is aptly named considering what it does: this toy is inserted into your anus. Even though these small toys can significantly enhance your sexual pleasure, offering you a unique sensation during partnered sex or masturbation.

It may be noted that a vibrating butt plug is not related to sexual orientation. Anyone can use it for unforgettable pleasure. With the best one, you can add an extra element of sexual sensation. Just insert it in your anus, turn it on using the remote control and leave it there to keep creating the feeling as long as you want. So, give it a try now.

What Are Vibrating Butt Plugs Perfect for Beginners?

If you are adding a Bluetooth Vibrating Plug in your bedroom for the first time, then you prefer to begin with a butt plug that is smaller in size. A smaller plug will be about the size of one or two fingers so that you can easily insert it. Besides, a smaller one can easily stretch your anus tissue. Gradually, you can opt for a giant plug. Experts suggest going for a small glass or silicone Bluetooth vibrating butt plug as they are nonporous.

Why Are Bluetooth Vibrating Anal Plugs Great?

These plugs are available in different sizes and shapes and are designed to offer various sensations to the users as they support multiple vibration modes. Here are some ways an anal plug can provide or enhance sexual experiences.

A Source of Some New Sensation

For those who haven't tried anal play before, it can open doors to sexual exploration. And for sensual anal play, you can use a Bluetooth Vibrating plug. For some, using a vibrating anal plug during masturbation or partnered sex offers them a sense of fullness. You can combine this with other types of stimulation, like oral sex, penetration, prostate, vibration and clitoral stimulation.

  • Anal Plug During Sexual Intercourse

Sex toys designed explicitly for couples can also create weird obstacles. If you have already sued a sex toy, then you know some can be challenging to manoeuvre around two bodies. But with a vibrating remote control anal plug, you will not face any issues. They would remain out of the way and out of sight.

  • Use Them to Get Prepared for Anal Sex

Besides their instant pleasurable effects, Bluetooth vibrating plugs are an ideal way to prepare for anal sex. Beginning with a small plug and gradually sifting to a bigger one will help your body and mind for anal sex. There is no need to hurry. Take your time and use your butt plug for pleasure.

The vibrations this toy creates will reverberate throughout the body, leading you to witness full-body orgasms. Most Bluetooth vibrating anal plugs offer different settings, from a smooth hum to mind-blowing intensity.

Cleaning Tips to Keep in Mind

Well, cleaning your sex toys might not be the sexiest job, but this is something that you can ignore. Proper cleaning is crucial to staying safe while going through pleasurable moments. Here are some tips that you should follow:

  • Always clean your toy properly before as well as after you use it.
  • Clean the plug using mild soap or a sex toy cleaning solution. Use an alcohol-free cleaner.
  • Keep your toy away from extreme temperatures.
  • Store in a dry and clean box or storage package.

Some Other Important Points to Keep in Mind While Using a Butt Plug

There are some essential pointers that you should remember while using a Bluetooth vibrating plug, and you should follow them to ensure maximum pleasure and safety.

  • You should always use a good-quality lubricant for this.
  • If your butt plug is silicone, apply a water-based lubricant.
  • Make sure the toy is not painful.
  • Go slowly and begin with a small size vibrating anal plug

Some Of The Best Vibrating Butt Plugs That You Can Try Now!

Are you looking for the best and most affordable Bluetooth vibrating plug that can offer you intense pleasure? Well, Secrets Shop has some best options for you. Whether you are using this sex toy for the first time or want to replace your old butt plug with a new one, you will find many options on this platform. Here is some great butt plugs that you can buy.

  • Inflatable Vibrating Flesh Butt Plug

If you love using Bluetooth vibrating plugs but want to try out a sex toy that is tailor-made to suit the anus safely, then this vibrating butt plug will be a perfect option. This toy is inflatable and comes with a multi-speed vibrator. It is super easy to use. All you need to do is insert it into the anus and slowly pump it to inflate.

  • Nexus Ace Rechargeable Vibrating Butt Plug

This remote-controlled vibrating butt plug is created using high-grade hypoallergenic medical silicone. This sex toy supports six modes of vibration. The working range of the remote control is 20 meters. The motor is silent. The toy comes with a rechargeable accumulator.

  • Tailz Waggerz Moving and Vibrating Anal Plug

This Bluetooth vibrating plug allows you to experience the realistic wagging of your tail. It has two wagging speeds and ten intense vibration patterns. The product is made of premium and phthalate-free silicone. The overall length of this butt plug is 8.5 inches.

  • Vibrating Jewel Plug

Experience a wonderful inner delight with this small vibrating butt plug that offers six vibration speeds and 15 different vibration patterns. It is made of silicone and has a powerful battery that can keep the toy running continuously for around 1.5 hours.

  • Mr. Play Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug

Made of high-grade silicon material, this butt plug supports 12 vibration levels. It has a slim design, making it comfortable to use. The product is completely waterproof. It has a suction pad and can be used in the shower.

Tiny Toys for Great Anal Play Experience

Are you curious about anal sex? Well, the most crucial thing to know if you are doing this for the first time is that you can't use anything for your bum. You might have a few dildos, but not all are safe for anal sex. For maximum pleasure, you can always opt for a Bluetooth vibrating plug.

A butt plug comes with different textures, materials and sizes. All you need to do is choose the best one based on your requirements and budget. If you feel confused, you can always opt for the vibrating butt plugs at Secretes Shop. It's time to take your anal play experience to a new level.

Some FAQs To Consider Before Buying a Bluetooth Vibrating Plug

  • How can one find the right size butt plug?

Experts suggest starting small. The butt muscles need to be trained to increase flexibility. Using a large one can lead to discomfort, and you may never want to use the toy again. Check the product description to know about the size.

  • How to make sure that the butt plug is body safe?

As the sex toys industry is unregulated, knowing whether the product is safe can be challenging. However, remember that stainless steel, Pyrex or borosilicate glass and silicone are the safest materials. Ensure the vibrating butt plugs you buy are made of nonporous materials.

  • Should you use a lubricant while using a butt plug?

Yes, you should. Lubricant is not an optional thing when it comes to using a butt plug. Properly coat the butt plug and the anus for painless pleasure with a good-quality lubricant. If you are using a butt plug for the first time, you prefer silicone or water-based lubricant. Don't use silicone lube for your silicone-based toys. For them, water-based lubes will be the best option.

  • Is it painful to insert a butt plug?

If you are using a Bluetooth vibrating plug for the first time, you may feel less discomfort. However, when used properly, it shouldn't cause much pain. However, if you get hurt, then stop using the plug immediately. Just use it properly, and you can witness an intense orgasm.