Le Wand vs. Doxy Which One Should I Buy?

If you want to find the best wand vibrator for clitoral stimulation and satisfying G-spot orgasms, it's hard to beat the potent wand vibrators.

The older Original model Magic Wand doesn't include a rechargeable battery, only two vibration settings (low and high), and usually costs less.

However, wands are typically solidly built and offer the ultra-powerful vibrations that make them so popular.

All in all, whether this specific wand vibe will work for you or not depends on your personal masturbation preferences.

If you're looking for a classic, high-quality wand vibrator, I can't recommend the Doxy or the Le Wand enough!

They are made of durable and easy-to-clean materials, both offer different vibration settings (the Doxy offers more, which is always lovely), and both come with a travel case making them ideal for long-distance travel.

In fact, I recently took my Le Wand on a plane ride to visit my boyfriend in Vermont, and it was so much easier than packing up a more discreet vibe that it's now on my must-have list for travelling.

As far as the Le Wand vs Doxy debate goes, it really comes down to your preferences: do you prefer variable intensity or a broader range of vibrations?

If you'd like a discrete, battery-operated vibe that won't wake up the neighbours (or your housemates!), check out the CalExotics Silicone Magic Finger Vibe.

It does a fantastic job at simulating your fingers or other things like dildos if you're having trouble orgasming and need help!

In conclusion, they are excellent vibrators for external and internal stimulation, with power that will please even the pickiest of uses. It's also built to last, though it can be a little on the loud side.

If you're looking for powerful vibrations to stimulate your clitoris or G-spot, save yourself the hassle of buying multiple toys and invest in either one.