​Some Useful Tips to Follow While Buying Sexual Toys Online

With the utilization of sexual toys, both for men and women being less taboo than before, people from all genders and ages are now discovering different ways to feel that fantastic pleasure in the bedroom. However, it is a fact that buying sexual toys online be overwhelming or may feel somewhat intimidating.

Walking into a local sex shop or buying online can introduce you to an unlimited range of dildos, strokers, vibrators and products designed to offer intense pleasure. So, how do you choose the right one for you? Is buying sexual toys online safe? Keep reading to find your answers and tips that can help you buy your first sex toy online.

Which Types of Sexual Toy Is Good For A Beginner?

If you are new to the market of sex toys, then choosing the right one for you can be a daunting task. Different sex toys are designed to offer other sensations, and you will find many options based on what you are searching for. Some of the best options for you can be:

Bullet VibratorsBullet vibrators can be an excellent option for any beginner. These toys are easy-to-use, discreet and make a perfect fit for newcomers. You can use it to stimulate all erogenous zones with the help of the toy's tapered tip. Besides, you can buy these sexual toys online under your budget.

  • Dildos

If you are looking for a perfect penetrative toy, then a dildo can be an excellent option. With this, you don't have to worry about any buttons as they are straightforward. While buying a dildo, it is advisable to check the girth and length of the dildo properly. To make it more comfortable to use, go for a dildo that comes with a suction cup.

  • Strokers

Strokers are skin-textured tunnel-shaped toys; while using them, you need to slide them over the penis to simulate the sensation of intercourse. As such toys are generally used for solo plays, the choice will be based on the user's preference.

  • Cock Rings

Cock rings are another popular go-to sex toy for men and can offer great fun while used with a partner during intercourse. These toys can keep the penis harder for a long time by restricting blood flow. For maximum pleasure, you can go for a vibrating cock ring.

  • Butt Plugs

These toys are perfect for those who want to explore the fun of booty play. Such toys are petite. Some come with a flared base. Flared bases are suitable when trying a butt plug for the first time. Butt plugs are great for both women and men.

  • Couple Vibrators

A good quality couple vibrators are a multitasker and can stimulate both the G-spot and clitoris. This can take the pleasure of your penetrative sex to a whole new level. While buying one, search for a rotatable outer arm, a wireless remote or a couple of vibrators with different vibration modes.

  • Rabbit Vibrators

Another innovative option for enhancing intimacy is the sex toy rabbit vibrator, which is able to target multiple erogenous zones simultaneously. When selecting this type of vibrator, consider its material, flexibility, and variety of settings to fully customize your pleasure.

These are some of the best sexual toys online options that you can try. Now, look at some tips you need to follow while buying one.

Tips to Buy the Right Sex Toys

  • Understand What You Are Looking For

Before you begin your online sex toy shopping, you need to decide what you want. You can start by narrowing down on the toy's purpose and user, for example, sex toys for men, for women, sex toys for couples, masturbators and more. There are a few questions that you can consider, such as what parts of the body you want to stimulate- prostate, penis, clitoris, vagina or anus?

You will find different sex toys to stimulate other parts. So, think about the kind of sensations you want to enjoy. Are you looking for a thrusting feeling? Do you want to opt for hands-free and automatic toys?

  1. What type of stimulation do you love- external, internal or combined?
  2. What is your primary purpose- orgasms or just for pleasure?
  3. Are you searching for a pocket or compact sex toy that will be easy to carry?

Consider all these questions, and then you can begin your search in the market. By understanding this, you can make it easier to decide what sex toys can serve your purpose.

  • Go Through Different Online Sexual Toy Stores

You can find many sex stores online. With unlimited options available, it is pretty common that you will get confused or misguided. You may also get scammed. So, don't settle with just one online sex store. Browse through multiple sites and ensure that the store is legitimate and safe.

Choose one that seems reliable and credible. Always go through the reviews and social media presence of the brand. Besides you should check the website encryption. You can also ask your friends who have recently got such toys online to get started with some trusted sexual toy stores.

  • Understand The Materials

Some sex toys are created using phthalates, a dangerous chemical that can affect your hormones and is banned for usage toys for children. This chemical is generally found in various porous toys that are soft and feel like jelly. So, before placing your order, you should check if the toy has any chemicals. On the other hand, there are non-porous sex toys that are safe to use. Such toys are generally made from glass, Pyrex, medical-grade silicone and more. These toys don't affect your skin and hormones. For safe use, buy toys with "medical-grade" terms.

While you should look for a phthalate-free label on the toys, that alone does not ensure better safety. The sex toy may be free of phthalates, but it may still contain other chemicals, such as carbon disulfide, phenol, chloride, toluene and more. So, check for these chemicals too.

You should keep in mind that the sex toy's porosity will determine how likely it is to be a home to bacteria as well as germs. They can carry germs and can be a breeding ground for bacteria. So, you should use protection and clean them properly after use. However, non-porous materials are perfect for sex toys and are easy to clean. With such toys, you can also lower the chances of transmitting any infection.

What's more? While buying sexual toys online, check whether the toys are water-resistant or waterproof. Ideally, you should avoid materials like rubber, vinyl, jelly and PVC.

  • Packaging Type

The packaging of the product can be a crucial dealbreaker. This is important to consider if you live with your family and don't stay much at home during the daytime. You wouldn't want anyone from your family to receive your parcel with sex toys written over it. This will make you feel embarrassed. So, choose a shop that offers discreet packaging for sex toys. With this, you can maintain your privacy and can prevent any possible issues. It will also be better for you to choose a shop that offers an exchange and return policy.

  • Don't Forget Your Budget

Most people face issues in finding good quality sex toys under their budget. While there are expensive sexual toys available in the market, most of the toys are not safe to use. Sexual products, especially those labelled as 'novelty,' may seem safe to use and affordable, but you should keep in mind that you must avoid such products.

In terms of the budget, it will be better for you to keep your budget flexible as to get quality sex toys, you will have to spend a little more. A sex toy may be expensive, but you can use them many times, and it can last for years, around 5 to 7 years, with proper care.

  • Check The Product Description

Once you have finalized the products you want to buy, you need to check the description to get more information. For example, the description can talk about the features, usage, whether it runs on battery, the material used and more. The description can tell what type of lube you can use with the toy.

Final Words

If you are looking for the best site to buy sexual toys online, then you can always count on Secrets Shops. After checking the product description and deciding on the product, it's time to go ahead and place the order. While making the payment, make sure that the site has secure payment gateways.

This platform offers sex toys made of quality and body-safe materials at the best prices. While you are waiting for the product to arrive at your doorstep and thinking of how to use them, you can also go through the blog section to get some ideas on how to use those toys. Remember to clean the toys before and after use properly.