Secrets-Shop: The Ultimate Intimate Lubricants Guide

Lubricants are a necessary part of many people's sex lives, but many people don't know much about them. What are they for? What do they do? What are the different types?

In this guide, we will answer all of those questions and more. We'll talk about what you need to know before choosing a lubricant, the different types available, and how to use them. By the end of this guide, you'll be an expert on lubricants!

The Ultimate Intimate Lubricants Guide

What are they? Intimate lube is a type of sexual product that can be used to increase the amount of natural moisture on your skin. It's especially helpful in dryness, ageing, or when you may have little lubrication between partners during sex.

Lubricants can do so much more than just make things wet. They often have additional functions, like exciting and prolonging the sex act; they may even help you last longer in bed!

Men often have different preferences when it comes to the type of lube they use. Some people prefer water-based, others silicone or even fatty oils for a more thrilling experience during sex! The composition and properties vary depending on what you're looking for in your bedroom playtime so make sure to ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I want something that will get me off quickly? Then you might want to look at stimulating and tingling lubes.
  • Should my partner feel sticky after we've been intimate with each other just minutes ago?
  • Do I want to use the lube in conjunction with condoms and various sex accessories? Water-based lubes are perfect for that.
  • Concerned about allergies? One of the most popular types for people who have sensitivity issues or allergies is silicone-based lubes. They’re great because there are so many different options available from 4% concentration all the way up to 100%. Silicone lubricants work best when paired with toys made out of other materials like glass, metal etc.

How To Use Intimate Lubricants

Apply liberally prior until activity begins; ensure proper application regardless of how often you have already been intimate today.

A little bit goes a long way with these products, so don't worry about overusing it or wasting any of those precious drops - just make sure that both partners are well coated before engaging in "sexercise".

Types of Intimate Lubricants

Water-based Lubes

Water-based lube is a good choice for people who have difficulty with other types of lubricants. It can be used during both anal and vaginal sex, making it an excellent option if you are looking to spice up your love life! However, water-based products do not last as long or feel quite like natural fluids so they might not work well on those sensitive areas that need extra attention when trying something new

Water-Based Lubricant Pros: Cleaning off easy; Affordable price point makes them cost-effective in comparison with silicone etc. Cons: May dry out quickly.

Here are some water-based lubes:

Silicone-based Lubes

Silicone-based lubricants provide a comfortable and safe experience for both partners. The lube does not absorb into the skin, so it’s unlikely to cause irritation or discomfort in contact with sensitive areas like your private parts! It’s water-resistant, long-lasting and non-sticky. It can be used underwater as well - making this product perfect if you two have plans of engaging in some aquatic fun soon enough after applying it.

Here are some silicone bases lubes:

Oil-based Lubes

Oil-based lubricants have been around for ages, and they’re still going strong! These lubes are great because you can use them with polyisoprene condoms which don't react badly to oils as latex does. They also last a long time before drying out - perfect if your play date lasts all night (or day!). The only downside? There's always that chance of allergic reactions so be sure to check the ingredients.

Here are some oil-based lubes:

Natural Lubes

You can find natural lubricants in a variety of forms, with the most common being plant-based, some examples include Aloe vera gel; Coconut oil, Olive oil etc. These are safe to use with condoms without the worry of increasing your risk for infection or causing skin reactions.

Here are some natural lubes:

Lubes for Sensitive Skin

The best lube for sensitive skin is of course the one that doesn't irritate it. You should look out for ingredients like glycerin and petroleum jelly which are common causes of irritation in other areas of your body. So please read the label carefully when getting your lube if you have sensitive skin. Also, it's best to avoid warming or cooling intimate lubricants as some people with sensitive skins find them bothersome).

Here are some sensitive skin lubes:

Warming, Cooling and Tingling Lubes

With warming, cooling and tingling lube you can experience exciting new sensations that will bring more pleasure-literally! These types of sensitizing varieties are great for adding variety into your sex life. You could even use them as an extra boost during foreplay or intercourse if needed.

Warm up your night with a little bit of heat. Warming lube provides that warm sensation wherever it's applied, which heightens sexual stimulation while also making you more sensitive to touch overall - all in time for amazing foreplay or sex heated by the product itself!

Here are some tingling lubes:


If you're looking for a way to spice up your love life, then try using lubricant. It's easy and fun! Simply apply some before intimacy as an added bonus - the moisture will make penetration easier on both partners because it reduces friction (and therefore pleasure).