Why Is It Okay Not To Want Sex

Is it okay not to want sex?

Sooner or later, every person asks themselves such a question. Trying to answer it can sometimes be tricky. My view on this topic is quite simple: not wanting to have sex is as normal as wanting to and vice versa. There is no such thing as a "normal number of times of having sex per month".

Each person is a unique individual so choosing an activity for the evening between sex and watching a movie, is your choice. You have to ask yourself only one question: “What do I want now, have sex or watch a movie?”. But, it often happens that people in relationships have different sexual temperaments, which depend on many factors. Today we will talk about the most common causes of decreased levels in intimate activity and how to deal with them. You will find it easier to understand yourself and your partner in no time.


One of the most common reasons for the lack of desire to have sex is frequent stressful situations. Severe anxiety stimulates the body to produce stress hormones called cortisol while suppressing the production of testosterone, which is responsible for sexual desire. Testosterone is critically low with constant stress, which causes decreased libido. If you encounter this problem, talk to your partner and ask for support. Keep the communication open. If your partner came to you with such a request, be understanding and respectful of their feelings. Remember, a pessimistic reaction can aggravate the situation. Together you and your partner can always find a way to cope with stress without intimacy.

Not enough fun

Orgasm is not always the goal of intimate life, but poor-quality sex reduces the desire for sex drive. To fully enjoy your sex life, you need to know your body and engage with it. Alone or with a partner. Feel free to explore your fantasies. Ask your partner what he would like to try. Revealing your secrets will only bring you closer to each other. If the proposed practice seems unacceptable to you, politely refuse, and in no case make fun of your partner who has revealed their secret desires to you. It will instantly destroy the trust between you both. If the confidence in the bedroom is low, introducing beginner sex toys could help.

Relationship stage

Couples at the stage of the "honeymoon" phase are having sex much more often than couples who have been together for a long time. Routine is a common reason for the refusal and interest in sex. Variety and surprises are the main ingredients for spicing up sex in your life! Jazz it up a bit, go on a date, arrange a surprise at home, put on beautiful lingerie or please your soulmate with a new sex toy and feel love again.

Health status

Health plays a huge part in overall satisfaction when it comes to sex. Whether physical overwork or chronic diseases. Many medications have the side effect of lowering libidos, such as oral contraceptives or antidepressants.

Many couples find compromises. The gigantic selection of modern sex toys and gadgets can help you keep the sparkle in your relationship.

Lack of understanding

All relationships are unique in a way. Conflicts and resentments can affect the frequency of sexual contact between partners for any couple. Good communication between lovers is vital for a healthy sexual relationship.

So yes, it's okay not to want sex… but next time you are not in the mood. Remember, there are lots of ways to resolve it.