CalExotics Erect Nipple Gel Mint 15ml

Brand: CalExotics


Ignite your intimate encounters with the Nipple Play Erect Nipple Gel, a peppermint-flavoured sensation enhancer designed to amplify nipple sensitivity and maintain an erect effect. This arousal gel is perfect for couples looking to add an extra spark to their erotic playtime.

  • Peppermint Flavor: Offers a cool, minty taste that's both stimulating and enjoyable for both partners.
  • Enhanced Sensitivity: The hardening gel formulation heightens tingling sensations, increasing the pleasure derived from nipple play.
  • Lasting Effect: Designed to keep nipples erect and sensitive for prolonged periods, extending your erotic enjoyment.
  • Easy Application: Comes in a 0.5 Fl Oz/15 ml tube for precise application directly to the nipples.
  • Cooling Sensation: The gel is cool to the touch, adding an extra layer of sensory stimulation.

How to Use:

  • Simple Application: Apply a small amount to your fingertip and gently massage into the nipples.
  • Partner Involvement: For added intimacy, invite your lover to apply and massage the gel for you.

Ideal for Various Preferences:

  • Versatile: Suitable for both him and her, and perfect for beginners or experienced users alike.
  • Travel-Friendly: The discreet, travel-sized tube makes it easy to bring along for heightened pleasure wherever you go.

Whether used during foreplay or as part of your nipple play explorations, the Nipple Play Erect Nipple Gel is an exciting addition to your intimate moments. It promises to tantalize and tease, leaving your nipples craving more attention from your partner's playful touch and exploring tongue.

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CalExotics CalExotics Erect Nipple Gel Mint 15ml
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