Top 11 Erogenous Areas For Men

There are perks to giving and receiving a blow job. When giving a blowjob, reaching an orgasm is the goal. However, the whole body is an erogenous zone. Let's dive in a bit closer at the top 11 erogenous areas for men.


Men love it when the head is touched because the scalp has thousands of nerve endings. Starting foreplay from the top of the ears is a great start.

Spread your fingers and tense the fingertips. Massage the head in a circular motion from the forehead to the neck, lightly grabbing the hair and pulling it towards you creating a slight pulling sensation. Connect the massage and biting of the earlobes. It will activate the erogenous zone firing up his excitement.

Inner Arms / Armpits

Do not tickle, do stroking-kneading movements from top to bottom. All places that exude pheromones are erogenous areas for men. These places also include the “pulse” zone. Try kissing the inner arms or hold your tongue accompanied by your hot breath.

The Palms and Fingertips

Take his hand in your hand and stretch them. While your hands are doing the magic, take his middle finger and insert it in your mouth and suck on it. Add a little pressure to this action for an extra tease.


The nipple stimulation gives the same signal to the brain as when stimulating the balls. Gauge the response to gentle/hard sucking. Feel free to introduce the nipple clamps.

Navel and Lower Abdomen

Do not rush to touch the penis or scrotum. Feel the pleasure in your hands. You can stroke the body with your hands or dig your nails slightly into the buttocks. You are putting on a show, so rapid breathing or gentle moans will make the tease even more effective. The ideal scenario is you get turned on by your actions!

Under The Knees

Do the same actions as when caressing the lower abdomen. In addition to kissing, you can massage this area or combine it with caresses.

Anal Opening

The men that refuse anal pleasure or have never tried it. Probably are not aware that this area is one of the most responsive. You can stimulate it in several ways.

Apply silicone lubricant to the anus and massage it without going inside. Use your other hand to caress the balls. He will get the brightest orgasm.

If you have enough confidence. Rim him!


A great way to tease this area with pleasure is by kissing or tickling him with a feather.

Inner Thighs

Yes, just like our inner thighs. This place is so close to the penis that sometimes it seems that simple stimulation of this area is enough to reach an orgasm.

Groin Region

The groin region is the epicentre of everything erogenous on his body. Remember, the head, frenulum (banjo string), foreskin and trunk area require different stimulation techniques. Make time for each.

Leak and Prostate

The leak is between the testicles and the anus. Most girls undeservedly ignore this place but did you know you can stimulate the leak by massaging your fingertips or by tensing your tongue on the rear.

The prostate will be harder to reach. 100% worth the effort. You can always use a prostate massager sex toy to stimulate it.

The prostate gland is in the centre of the pelvis. The passage to it lies through the anus. An orgasm experienced by stimulating this zone can be super intense. So try to communicate with him. If he doesn’t like it, he will know it is not for him. If he likes it, he will discover a new level of pleasure.

By the way, this kind of pleasure is not only pleasant but also healthy. Prostate massage helps a man avoid diseases such as adenoma and prostatitis.

So there you have it, the top 11 erogenous areas for men that will help you keep sex cool, foreplay exciting and healthy.